At Bangkok Golf Centre, we provide the best junior golf training environment that would assist junior players to play at their highest potential.

We recognize that every individual player is unique and has a distinctive style of playing. As a result, we have created a holistic approach to training junior players at the Bangkok Golf Centre. 
Our purpose is to build golf skills: technical, mental, strategic and physical, and to build character, producing well rounded and balanced individuals.
All of our lesson plans for intermediate and advanced students are developed after undergoing a total game assessment conducted by our Director of Golf and Instruction, Ahmad Bateman in consultation with our Advisory Board

UNIQUENESS Of  Our Junior Program

Bangkok Golf Academy – we are totally results driven and are passionate about how we can assist each and every one of our junior players to achieve their true potential. We are totally different from other academies in 3 IMPORTANT WAYS: 

The advisory board members are Dr. Scott Lyn, Terry Rowles, Benson Poh, Justin Han, Neale Smith and Eric Ng.  All of them have extensive experience training players on PGA tours in the many different aspects of a golf game namely technical, mental, strategic and physical. No other golf academy in Asia offers this level of ongoing mentoring and training for its students

We know that technology doesn’t make great players, but technology does validate what great players do. But technology is only beneficial when our coaches know how to use it. Thus, we are proud to let you know that we train and mentor our instructors to achieve Trackman Level 2 Certification, TPI Level 2 Junior Coach Certification, K-Vest Level Certification and SPU Golf Biomechanics Certification 

Our unique and individualized approach to golf instruction is proven to result in skills transformation and personal growth over time. Some instructors focus on “method instruction”, which fails to consider your uniqueness and may severely limit your golf development. It may even cause unnecessary injuries. 

At Bangkok Golf Centre, we can draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience of our Advisory Board to deliver the best in golf instruction