06 November 2018
Golf Benefits your Mental Health

Golf is frequently seen as a sport that gives you a minimal amount of exercise, and is usually associated with those with careers in business and medicine to be used as a means to make connections

05 September 2017
Buying your First Set of Golf Clubs

For anyone excited about any hobby or activity, buying their first set of equipment is an exciting prospect. It’s no less thrilling for the new golfer! 

07 June 2017
Golf: How to get into it

Golf is exercising while socializing, catching up with friends, having a pint or two while you’re at it, and competing all mashed up together.

11 May 2017
Golf: A Physical Sport Like Any Other

Poor swing mechanics could be the cause of their issues; however, it could also be down to muscle weakness or a lack of flexibility.

23 March 2017
Tips for Staying Healthy in Golf

When people think of golf as a sport, they think that there is no way you can get injured playing it. With the latest long-term absence of Tiger Woods from the game, you can tell that isn’t t

23 March 2017
To Ride or To Walk

As a new golfer, the one thing that I find irksome in Thailand is the heat. Little limousines of luxury to carry you from shot to shot without having to exert yourself too much. On the other hand,

24 February 2017
Six Incredible Golf Courses in Thailand

Golf is a sport like no other. In what other sport do you get to travel to exciting and exotic locations to follow your passion?