The No. 1 Golf Performance Centre in Asia

Bangkok Golf Centre is the culmination of a team of professional PGA golf instructors’ desire to  deliver world class golf instruction in an environment that facilitates the improvement of any golfer’s game expeditiously with discernible results

We are 100% results driven and we are not just swing instructors! All of our instructors hold valid PGA, TPGA and JPGA certification. We let our students improvement do the talking ! 


Bangkok Golf Centre - the story behind it!

  • Bangkok Golf Centre has more than 10 international PGA Certified instructors who collectively, have coached over 100,000 clients with over half a million lessons given
  • Employing the best and latest technology in precision swing and ball flight analysis thru the deployment of GC2 and Trackman technology, we are able to give unrivalled feedback on any golfer’s game
  • Using a tour proven coaching system and combining it with advanced video and software analysis, Bangkok Golf Centre provides the perfect golf learning environment for total game improvement.
  • With a dedicated indoor short game area that includes premium greens for chipping and putting coupled with a bunker to improve your technique, Bangkok Golf Centre boasts facilities that are not available anywhere else under one roof in Bangkok
  • A dedicated putting area with state of the art video technology and putting analysis software (Sam PuttLab) to help identify and improve the key areas of your putting
  • 3D Custom Club Fitting. The most advanced and complete way to get your clubs fitted, just for you. Combining the best in performance-monitoring technologies thru the use of Trackman Pro and K-Vest with the knowledge gained from years of active involvement with professional golfers from the Asian and European tours, we build clubs for players from diverse cultures with different physical conditions and abilities
  • An impressive Corporate Golf Centre with exclusive membership and facilities to entertain your VIPs, clients and staff
  • Our teaching system is based on Tour-proven fundamentals that focus on the 4 defining factors of a great golfer: MENTAL, PHYSICAL, TECHNICAL and STRATEGIC.

Our Approach

Based on Tour proven fundamentals, we  adopt a unique methodology to training that focuses on the 4 defining factors of a great golfer: MENTAL, PHYSICAL, TECHNICAL and STRATEGIC

Instructors and Facilities

Real Results matter! BKKGC is the only indoor golf academy in Bangkok with exclusively PGA certified instructors.