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The most technologically advanced and complete indoor golf performance centre in Southeast Asia where ONLY REAL RESULTS matter ! Using a Tour proven coaching system and combining it with advanced video and software analysis, improvement in your total golf game is a reality at BGC

Meet Our Champions at Bangkok Golf Centre

TK Ratchanon

2015 and 2016 Junior World Champion


Winner of 47th VSGA Junior Girls' Championship 2016

Phillip Krisadasuraseth

IJGA WorldStar 2016 T5 Finishing

Unyamanee Wongaroon

Winner of Singha Thailand 2015 Junior World Golf Championships


Olivia Mo, Director @ Garnet Consultancy Company

Coached by Pro: Mr.Mark

I have been taken lessons from Mark for 2+ years. I have seen progressive improvement with my swing, producing longer yardage and better ball path. The one thing I appreciated most is the advancement of my short game, from putting to pitching & chipping, and particularly my bunker shots. Mark is a knowledgeable, patient and very observant coach. Pro Ahmad would make efforts to understand the way I play, and then gives his advice in a way that I can comprehend and adjust.

Mon Monster, Student @ Shrewsbury International School

Coached by Pro: Mr.Mark

Mr.Mark teaches me very well.He teahes me lots of things. and it is very easy to understand. He has lots of different golf skills and he is also very kind. He loves entertainmenting me and I think It is a very good thing for me.

Three Sitsapol, Student @Shrewsburry International School

Coached by Pro: Mr.Ahmad

Pro Ahmad, you are one of my friendliest teachers. You teach very good and you teach me how to do my swing nicely done, pitching, hitting tricky bunker shots, teaching me the good drills. It's everything you teach me about golf. You also fix my dad to do the correct swing and chipping. And thank you to be the kindest teacher also trying to teach me very well so big thank to you.

Chayanit Wangmahaporn (Kanoon), Thai LPGA Amateur Player

Coached by Pro: Mr.Ahmad

He helps me with my game plan, short game and my swing which make me have more confidence in my game and my swing. He pays attention to me in details even my clubs and help me to fix the problem. He understands my thought as a player and gives advise if I have any problem from tournaments. Study with Ahmad is fun, it's not too mechanic or too boring. He always have different drills for me to do which I never seen before and they work!

Warangkana Petchamrassri, Senior Vice President @ Finansia Syrus Securities

Coached by Pro: Mr.Mark

Over the past year with Mark, it was extremely worth the investment in improving my swing. I have improved in all factors especially the driving distance which went from 150 yards to almost 200 yards. Short game which was my weakness turned into strength and combining with various shot types. My average was at 100 and now it comes down to about 85-90. This is a place where you find happiness in your game. "Pro Mark... Best Pro Ever"

Mr.Atsushi Nakamori

Coached by Pro: Mr.Kanemaru

“Seeing is believing.” Mr.Kanemaru told me it’s important to experience before thinking.

This guidance is easy to learn and good for me.

Since he explains focusing on the points, I can review and practice checking points after lesson.

It makes me feel improvement and I appreciate him.

Mr.Kenta Uda

Coached by Pro: Mr.Kanemaru

Mr.Kanemaru told me the theory that I had never studied in any golf magazines before. For example, about how to keep balance of the club and how to slide the sole, etc.

I was surprised that I got the result in a day on course!

Mr.Kanemaru gives me what I need and remove what I don’t need, not to change my current swing.

So I feel easy to do and appreciate him about that.

Mrs.Misa Kanamori

Coached by Pro :Mr.Kanemaru

Though I was a real beginner, Mr.Kanemaru gave me the right teaching in good environment from the beginning. I could learn how to use body with various tools.

Since he teaches me easy to image, I can go back to the start even if I couldn’t do well.

Please continue to give us your supports.

Mrs.Noriko Kogoe

Coached by Pro: Mr.Asao

I started playing golf from 1year ago. I’ve been learned golf but I found that my golf style was wrong when I met Mr.Asao. He gave me various advices about how to hold a grip, back swing, follow, and impact and through. My distance improved 40-50 yards.

Mr.Asao’s advice is easy to understand for beginner and he judge my weak points immediately from the professional view. We can check “Before/After” on the video by ourselves, so we can see our improvements.

My husband is also learning from Mr.Asao and his distance improved, too. We talk about golf lessons when we’re at home. We will keep trying our best with his lesson.

Jake Downing

Coached by Pro: Ole

This is Jake first time playing golf (he’s 6 year old) , he enjoying so much that he wants to spend time all day playing golf instead of study – it is a good sign.

Jake also enjoying his company with Pro Ole, He is really calm and Professional. Jake has learnt a lot from Pro Ole – Well done Both       Jake’s mother 

Mr.Suppawut Pruetiworn

Coached by Pro: Aof

I have learnt at Bangkok Golf Centre for two years with Pro Aof. Previously I learned with so many Pros at that time its gradually improved my swing but after I took a break my swing become worse till I cannot play it. To study here, I learned a quite modern swing and standardized also I can check my swing by the Swing analysis program on the rehearsal, furthermore every times I can set the goal on my own and the score result was better respectively.

Mr.Thanaphum Khanchitworakun

Coached by Pro: Aof

I have learnt with Pro Aof for five years and I certainly saw a big change in my swing. Before I decided to learn with Pro Aof my swing was inconsistent but now it becomes better and better also the score result is excellent too. He has a lot of techniques using for improve the swing which can be applied in real, lastly he always teach me about mental game and game plan. Thanks you a lot my Super Pro Aof ^ ^

Boom Atiphat

Coached by: Pro Kitri

The fact that I have improved by 20 strokes in the 4 months that I have been with Pro Kitri, shows how my lessons with him have gone very well and I enjoy them alot. He makes sure that I learn the correct method in an easy and comfortable way which has allowed me to understand and be closer to my passion of being a pro golfer. 

Yoko Terao

Coach By: Naoki Okamoto

I had lessons 2-3 times a week which improves my score and swing. I’m finally interested in playing golf! Unlike others, BGC has both sand bunker and short game for you to practice.

Thomas Coon

Coached by: Pro Leon Ang

Leon’s use of the video from Flight Scope with Swing Catalyst has led to great improvement in my game. 

Eisuke Sugahara

Coached by: Pro Seiichiro Kanemaru

Thanks to Pro Kanemaru, my golf has improved greatly after taking lessons from him. I almost quite golf before this but I’m really enjoying it now

James Suchaovanich

Coached by: Pro Fluky

My lesson with Fluky have been going well. He has patient and attentive to my needs. I have improved under his instruction

Hiroyuki Kogoe

Coached by: Takumi Asao

Pro Asao teaches me patiently and in detail. I have improved my best score and I can hit my driver much further now.

Lee Ang Siang

Coached by: Pro Ahmad Bateman

Ahmad is humorous, very knowledgeable and experienced. He has sharp eyes and endless methods and drills to improve my game. It is indeed fun to learn from him.

Piyanart Arnamnart

Coached by: Pro Nuphun Marpraneet

Pro Aof makes golf easy to understand. He points out my flaw and helps fix it. My game has improved ever since